Beaumont Location:

3475 South 11th Street

Beaumont, Texas 77705

( 409) 553-9747 Deer Man

Deer Man @ (409) 553-9747

How to Bring A Deer in for Processing

All deer must be brought in fully skinned and quartered. We do not skin, cape, or field dress any animals to ensure the safety and health of all our customers and employees. We suggest that you quarter your own deer to save money.

We only accept wild game that is properly field dressed, cleaned, iced down, and fresh. Please remember to split the pelvic bone when field dressing a deer. We will reject any wild game that has not been properly taken care of. Any bloodshot meat is disposed of because it will not meet our standards. All deer must be tagged and legal. We will not process anything that we would not feed to our family or yours.


With Elk, Red Stag, Buffalo, Etc. processing fee will be determined at the time of drop off due to the extent of processing. 

Whitetail or Equivalent Size Deer:

  • Fully Quartered with Backstrap Removed - $95.00*
  • Fully Quartered WITHOUT Backstrap Removed - $115.00*
  • Not Quartered WITHOUT Backstrap Removed* - $135.00*

*If the weight of the deboned meat after steaks and roast are pulled out exceeds 30 pounds there will be additional $20 fee.

Boneless meat handling fee - $2.00/#

*All deer must be clean and grinder ready. If not grinder ready order will be subject to extra fees. 

*All deer trim must be Whole Boneless Hams and Shoulders. 

*We do not skin, cape, or field dress any animals.