Beaumont Location:

3475 South 11th Street

Beaumont, Texas 77705

( 409) 553-9747 Deer Man

Deer Man @ (409) 553-9747

About Us

We believe that all things belong to God our Father in Heaven.

" God is our CEO "

One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want. Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and who waters will himself be watered. -Proverbs 11:24-25

We are honored and blessed to support Wounded Warriors, Hunt For Hearts , All Law Enforcement and local churches.

We strive to keep prices down and continue to offer our low basic deer processing package. ( Quartered in a ice chest )
Backstrap: you can leave whole or steaked and tenderized ( all steaks are tenderized free )
Hams : you can make roast or tenderized cutlets ( steaks )
Shoulders: used to make ground meat or sausage
Vacuum packed for optimal freshness!
All the above is your meat that you will get back !!!

However, We do mix only the sausage and boudin . We guarantee all products to be fresh and good. There are three check points before the sausage is made. There is no minimum on each item, so you can have it your way, and try as many favors as you would like.

If your meat is deboned, Your processing fee is 1.50 lb , for us to go back through it to ensure it meets our standards. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY DEER MEAT THAT IS GROUND UP.
All of your sausage and boudin prices are finished product in the vacuum pack package.

Your pork and seasoning is added in the price.

Any questions call the Deer Man ( 409) 553-9747

Food Safety:

We take pride in our Food Safety Program. Some quality points stressed to all employees

  • Continuous Employee Education on safe meat handling
  • Temperature monitoring of meat & cooler
  • Keep working surface and hands clean and sanitized

For more information on food safety, visit
Stewart's Wild Game Processing LLC


It all started in 1998 in a conversation between Dale Stewart and Zummo's Meat Co.

Dale Stewart had deer processing experience and Zummo's Meat Co. had the sausage and boudin making experience. In 1998, Dale Stewart opened up a deer processing business on the property of Zummo's Meat Co., and under the name Zummo's Deer Processing.

Operating under Zummo's Deer Processing for 18 years.

In 2010 Dale Stewart had a desire to expand to Houston to better serve his customers in the surrounding Houston area. In 2012 Stewart's Deer Processing drop off location was opened at Mims Warehouse Solutions in Houston Texas. In September 2015 Dale Stewart stepped out with his company name, Stewart's Wild Game Processing LLC.

We are blessed to have Zummo's Meat Co. to manufacturing all our sausage and boudin with their patent recipes for 25 years.

As of 2023, it is time to start a new journey in Stewarts Wild Game's future. We have stepped out on our own.